At My Place

by Purple Look Play

Released 2017
Released 2017
The sound of 80s Rock, New Wave, Punk and Pop are combined together with lyrics understood by a wide generation of listeners.
At My Place sets the stage for an album of songs revealing fun and attitude. I Really Only Want to Know Your Name and Theme of the Surf Detective almost ended up on my first album: The Mating Dance; I went back and forth on that decision and believe they fit into this project fine. Similar to what I did on my first project and what I am sure will happen again is that I have a mix of songs on At My Place, some written years ago and others that are very recent compositions. There are a few songs on this compilation that have been played live and recorded previously. If you are able to tell what I took out of mothballs compared to new blueprints, please let me know. For the most part, At My Place is a group of songs laden with guitars and moving at a fast pace, but balance is good. Subject 709 moves when he decides to move and Every Time is slower paced and a nice way to end.

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