Established in April 2021

Established in April 2021


Royal 62 Records started in 2021 when Jay Banwell decided to form a limited liability corporation to assist in the song development and sales production of the two groups he founded:  Purple Look Play and Band Well.  Jay own’s the property and has developed a recording studio, as well as a record label supporting the growth of his studio bands, which are composed of musicians and contributors throughout the United States and overseas.  Royal 62 ensures management, musician support, development, production, publishing, marketing coordination and sales of music recorded by Purple Look Play and Band Well.  Royal 62 Records also overseas the support of Wholly Smokes Music Publishing. 

Royal 62 Records is unique because it allows Purple Look Play and Band Well to have creative control.   Jay Banwell and his bands are in charge of music subject matter, contributing musicians involved, how much material is released, etc. 

Royal 62 sees a landscape where musicians and people in the music industry are supported and given opportunity to work toward goal of creating high quality music, which in turn will relate to a wide span of people and satisfy a large audience. 

Royal 62’s recording studio was constructed in in 2019 for the capability to capture a wide variety of sound.  The studio was heavily influenced by Shareiff Robinson and organized to be small, cost effective and efficient.  The studio operates today to support Purple Look Play and Band Well’s musical projects.   
Royal 62’s goal is to operate with high standards in business organization and ensure the management of music licensing and copyright, song promotions, artist pay, royalty collection, and key relationships throughout the world. 
We desire to think outside the box and produce music that helps people find new places, and to provoke thought. 
Royal 62 strives to treat customers (musicians and fanbase) like family. 

We believe in integrity, trust and two-way personal communication.  There will be no Chat-bots used to resolve issues and answer questions!